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Our Work – Custom-Tailored Online Marketing

Those who have never experienced the marketing potential of a truly effective online presence are often surprised at the results in terms of new patients, patient excitement and increased revenue. Companies that allow their customers an online glimpse of their work and personality in an engaging and professional way are often rewarded with excited and informed customers. This can have a dramatic long-term effect on your clientele.

Internet Marketing Promotions and Web Design for Professionals

At Top Ranking Media, our experience lies in creating high-quality web content and online marketing campaigns for professionals in the most competitive and high-pressure fields. In each of these fields, our goal is to present your business with informed, relevant and conversational content that is packaged with beautiful, dynamic graphic design and invisibly supported behind the scenes with advanced web optimization and search engine tools of the highest levels of sophistication. In this way, we work to attract potential clients, hold their attention, and communicate the personality and benefits of your business to them in a comfortable yet professional manner. Some of the specific areas of our expertise include:

Bariatric Surgeons

The field of bariatric surgery is highly competitive, and a unique online presence can give you quite an advantage over the competition. Our bariatric surgery websites utilize online bariatric surgery videos, high-tech animations and expert procedural information on a wide range of surgical fields, including gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries.

Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry websites offer potential patients the chance to look over procedures they may be interested in with complete privacy. A dynamic website integrated with animations and various social media outlets can effectively present your practice to your target market.

LASIK Surgeons

LASIK surgery and other elective eye surgeries are rapidly increasing in popularity as the public trust of these procedures dramatically increases. To stand out from the ever-expanding pool of available eye surgeons, it may be helpful to create a dynamic and compelling online presence with procedural videos and testimonials.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

No business has experienced a dependency on online procedural information like the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry. Potential patients who may be sensitive about their body dissatisfactions greatly appreciate the ability to review individual procedures, view past patient photos, and compare prices from the privacy of their home. AIn this market, a modern, trustworthy website is absolutely crucial to a successful plastic or cosmetic surgery practice.

Other Professionals

Every business professional can benefit from an improved and compelling website. Some of the other professional fields that have greatly benefited from these services include accounting, chiropractic, law firms and many others.

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