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Mobile Website Design

Did you know that over 100 million Americans own smartphones and Google predicts that mobile search will surpass desktop search by 2015? If your website isn’t ready for mobile, you will lose business. It’s crucial to get your website mobile today.

These statistics show that a critical part of your online marketing is in the investment of a mobile friendly version of your website. A mobile website is a custom version of the site that can easily be viewed on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Droid & BlackBerries. Why invest into a brand new custom site and miss out on half the market that is viewing it?



Mobile websites are fundamentally different from traditional websites and the fact of the matter is that if your medical practice doesn’t have a website optimized for visitors from mobile devices and smart phones, you’re losing prospective clients and sales. That is why Top Ranking Media offers fully customized Mobile medical websites.

If you can’t EASILY view and read your website text when it first opens on your mobile device without zooming and scrolling, then your site is NOT a mobile optimized website. For this exact reason many potential patients/clients/customers choose to leave the web page. Dollars in your pocket are lost every single day by this very reason.

A Custom Mobile Website is a website that’s been built from scratch like a regular website using a technology that allows the mobile website’s content to fit the screens of mobile phones without distortion. A custom mobile website allows a website’s content to be easy to see, easy to follow, and the website easy to navigate when viewed on a mobile phone regardless of the size of the phone’s screen.

A mobile website that has been custom built by Top Ranking Media allows the website designer to size the font & graphics so everything is in proper proportion with the screen and is neatly organized. This allows for easy reading, browsing & navigating to other web pages on the mobile website.

If customized mobile website design is of interest to you please free to give us a call or submit your information for a free consultation.